Sunday, March 1, 2009

Whac-A-Mole with Nancy Pelosi

If you saw the way Nan Pelosi was jumping up and down during the
latest Obama oratory you can imagine what I was doing yesterday afternoon
watching the 9th race at Santa Anita! Somebody should'a hit me with a mallet.
The Pamplemousse, with Alex Solis riding, hit the far turn and and
went into 5th gear. Six lengths in front of everything and Solis 
never touched his whip.

Spilled my Mojito all over my new blue Snuggie!

If The Pamplemousse doesn't go to The Derby, I'm hookin' up with Octomom I swear!

Akebono in the 5th today at's come to Jesus Time.

Gotta go look for my ShamWow...that Mojito really made a mess.

Remember, you can trust me,
I'm not like the others...

See yah at post time,

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