Wednesday, March 4, 2009

That danged old Higgs...

Well it was snowing yesterday and they cancelled Philadelphia Park.
I sat around all afternoon in my freshly laundered Snuggie sipping
a little Calvados. I started wondering about that Large Hadron Collider
at Cern...the reason I bring this up was because I was purusing one of my 
old copies of Physics World, Volume 6, #9 to be exact. That's the issue where a
top English physicists challenged 5 other physicists to explain on one page;
What is The Higgs Boson and Why do we need to find it?
Well as soon as The Collider gets back to working maybe they'll find that
little ephemeral devil?
But it leads one to wonder...if they are still looking for The Higgs Boson,
why should I hesitate to handicap the Pick Six at Aqueduct tomorrow???

Boy, what a conundrum...or maybe it was the Calvados...but I think
I got a handle on it...and by the way...

Juke Bocks Hero in the 7th tomorrow at The Big A...

MAJHOOD in the 8th at The Big A on Friday...can't miss...
Trust me...I'm not like the others...
I Always wear a tie to an arraignment...

See yah at post time,

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