Monday, March 30, 2009

I never tapped that Maple tree your honor...

I know it's been a while...had to send my retention bonus back
and then got knocked out of the Florida Derby by Quality Road.

I was crying in my Grey Goose on Saturday night... getting ready to
celebrate Earth Hour. Around 8pm I turned off my Christmas Tree
and hit the deck in my Snuggie. It sure was dark...except for that
group of peasants with torches standing in the yard.
It was that same group that used to stand on Main St on Saturday afternoon
with all the Peace signs...they never show up there anymore so
I guess we won?
Anyway, they hadn't heard I sent the bonus back and they were
pretty upset. So was I....A fool could have picked Quality Road in Florida...
heck, even Toonie picked it...go figure...

To John The Believer...don't worry, Aqueduct is going back to 
the main track on Wednesday and I'll try and give you a few choice selections
in case the usual happens...

Remember it's not the bullet with your name on it ya gotta be concerned with...
it's that danged old one that says "to whom it may concern"...

Trust me...I'm not like the others...
See yah at post time,

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