Monday, April 6, 2009

Soy...un perdedor...

I'm a loser why don't you kill me....
now those are some lyrics!
And to think it all started with The Pamplemousse getting
scratched out of The Santa Anita Derby on Saturday...
and now out of the Kentucky Derby.
Believe me, The Pioneer of The Nile NEVER would have
won that race. My Derby Futures tickets, now, no more than bookmarks.

So yesterday I got Single Scoop in  the 5th at Philly...I got
Express Lane in the 7th and Attack Jack deadlocked in the 6th.
No problemo, right...a $650 Pick 3 for the taking...
Except for the friggin fact The New York Racing Association
closes all NY OTB's for Palm Sunday and nobody TELLS ME!

What about Racing For Jesus...hard to take...who knew
The NRA got religion..?

Ah...back to Philly in the rain today...

Remember...a friend will help you move,
a good friend will help you move a body.

See ya at post time,
Spanky...a very broken-hearted Spanky at that.

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