Sunday, February 8, 2009

Something is wrong with my nuts...

When I woke up yesterday afternoon I swear I almost choked
to death from the dust...chalk dust that is, hovering over Aqueduct.
My gawd...a friggin Pick 6 that paid $162?
Has hell frozen over on the Inner Dirt or did everybody get caught
out on that ice floe?

I never thought I'd pine away for the return of racing on the turf...
Speaking of a collect call last night from the Backstretch Cafe
at The Fairgrounds...Smokey Johnny Sutton...oh, boy, 
I thought, this oughta be good...Smokey Johnny was half in the bag on something.
Crying about how he missed the Magna Five yesterday because he couldn't
afford to play the spread at Gulfstream and ended up losing $25,000
when his pick came in 2nd...he then proceeded to ramble on about packing his
tack and hitting the main at Aqueduct before all the shippers started arriving from
Florida...he started into his affiliation with the International Norwegian 
Lesbian Field Hockey Team and that's when I told him my cell needed
a charge and I hung up.

I've always been known as kind, caring and compassionate but the nuts lately...
And that reminds me, Toonie called right after Johnny, bragging how she
cold picked Cowboy Cal at Santa Anita for $8.60 and Honest Man for $6 at
the Fairgrounds...who says a crazy squirrel can't find a legume?

I wonder if A-Rod knows Richard Dutrow??? Hmmmm, makes one wonder... a hot item at Philly this aft...
Butters, Richard's brother's horse...8-1...workin' out like a speed machine...
Can't me, I'm not like the others.

See yah at post time,

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  1. Ah, the master at work. Weaving it all in. I laughed so hard reading this at lunch - I nearly choked on my legumes.