Saturday, February 7, 2009

Slow women

So many of you have called to my attention that
I was 0-4 yesterday at the Big A.
I got into some bad nuts.

Milkshakers, Whistle Biscuits, High Performance 
Mexican Jumping Donuts, Lasix, Bute & HGH...something is going
on with the horses.
Now I'm writing checks my ass can't cash...I think not.

A mere slip of the old handicapping pencil...nothing more...
I know my Levine's and Dutrows...

Tough Negotiations in the 5th and don't be surprised if
Haynesfield loses The Whirlaway in the 8th...Zooger is cranked.

Hey come' can trust me,
I'm not like the others.

See yah at post time,

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