Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yah, Ifonlyjohnny, trained by Bruce Brown at The Big A shipped
down to Philly for Monday's 4th race...$12.00 completing a very 
nice $76 double.

If only Johnny A. had paid attention...
But apparently he stumbled into something yesterday in the 6th at
Aqueduct...Daily Star lit up the board for $59.50.

If only Johnny would read the Form tomorrow because
Johnny Terravova, trainer of Daily Star has a hot one in the 5th at A.
Stratton's Girl, first timer at 10-1 and it's really lookin' ready to roll.

Watch out for Pee Wee's Peak in the 4th at Aqueduct tomorrow.
Big Gavel in the 7th, Giant Moon in the 8th and topped off
with D.Conway's Louise The Tease in the 9th.

Believe can trust me,
I'm not like the others.
See yah at post time,

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