Wednesday, July 20, 2011

That's how I roll...

Laying here on this luxurious futon in upstate NY, watching the Teletubbies Marathon
& drinking a bottle of Strawberry-Pomegranate Sno-Cone Syrup got me to thinking...

I need more revenue. I think rich yacht owners, private jet leasers and other people that already have a ton of dough should help me out!
C'mon, it's called "shared sacrifice" and it's high time we all ripped off that bandaid,
ate our peas and bailed out old Spanky.
Just put a few bucks in an envelope and send to:

The Grey Gelding Restaurant - Saratoga Racetrack
attn: Tommy the bartender.

Hey, I learned from a pro, it's the American Way...
and besides, I drive a battery
powered beer cooler, all the while fighting global warming
and reducing that old carbon footprint for all of us.

Trust me, I'm not like the others.
See ya on the rail,

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